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August 23, 2018

Survival of the Slacker

by duncanr

forget ‘survival of the fittest’ – maybe, just maybe, Darwin overlooked the possible evolutionary advantage of being a lazy bugger –

[of course, the slacker strategy only confers an evolutionary advantage if the lazy buggers can summon enough energy to get off their fat arses for a bit of ‘how’s your father’ with the opposite sex and pass on their genes to the next generation]

December 29, 2015

Late Entrants for 2015 Darwin Award

by duncanr

darwin awards150sneaking in at the last minute, before submission for the 2015 Darwin Awards close, these kids must be considered strong contenders to win –

December 6, 2013

An Expensive Shit

by duncanr

dog poo120‘spending a penny’ is a euphemism often used for going to the loo

it cost one woman in Darwin, Australia, a lot more than a penny, however, when she had an urgent need to visit the loo

out jogging with her dog, the woman was ‘caught short’ with a ‘case of the runs’

she tied her dog to a bollard while . . .

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December 10, 2012

Ikea Monkey

by duncanr

ikea monkeycropA little fella (no it wasn’t nobbly!) wearing a coat to keep out the cold, surprised shoppers at an Ikea store in Toronto

The 7 month old rhesus macaque escaped from it’s cage in the back of it’s owner’s car while they were shopping and went off exploring on it’s own.

Animal Service were called out and Darwin, as they have named him, has been taken into care while they find him a suitable home.

[the owners have been fined – it being illegal in Canada to keep macaques as pets]

Click link to see short vid of Darwin trying to take the elevator to another floor –

March 17, 2012

Darwin Award Nominees

by duncanr

via B&P

January 5, 2011

Coitus Interruptus

by duncanr

An 18 yr old woman in Darwin has suffered injuries to her spine and pelvis following sexual intercourse.

And no, it wasn’t ‘rough’ sex

She had climbed over the fence on the Esplanade in Darwin city centre to indulge in a bit of al fresco fun when her brother came upon her.

Caught in the act, the woman jumped up, took a step backward, and tumbled 15m down the cliff.

Source . . .

[Hhmm, I guess this was not the sort of climax she was expecting when she hoped ‘the earth would move for her’ ?]

April 20, 2010

Wasn’t expecting that !!!

by duncanr

A water aerobics class in Darwin was postponed when an uninvited guest entered the pool.

When attendants went down to prepare the pool before the class commenced, they found a croc swimming in the water.

A spokesperson said –

‘none of the women were keen to start the class at the scheduled time’

Wimps !!!

Betcha Loon wouldn’t have been scared by an itsy bitsy croc 😉

Source . . .

February 5, 2010

NT Illegal Immigrant Alert

by duncanr

One like this

Residents of Darwin have been advised to be on the look out for an illegal immigrant.

He, or she (sex is not certain) was spotted in the early hours of this morning crossing in front of a bus.

Police are advising the public to be alert but not to approach the immigrant – warning he (or she) may be aggressive.

Instead, just report any sightings to the Police and leave them to apprehend the immigrant – or await the arrival of a crack team of USA Baptists !!! 😉

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