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November 7, 2019

What an Arsehole!

by duncanr

I have been using the ‘arsehole’ category almost exclusively when posting something about trump but today it is a fitting description of Rapper T.I.

How else to describe a man who takes pride in escorting marching his daughter to a gynaecologist each year after her birthday to check her hymen is intact to make sure she is still a virgin -[surprised he hasn’t fitted her with a chastity belt, with him holding the key]

this is wrong in so many ways, on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin

just hope his daughter grows some balls soon and tells him to piss off, she’s 18 yr old, it’s her body, and her decision as to when and who she shares it with – and bugger all to do with him!

full story – here

May 16, 2019

Goal of the Season

by duncanr

Mohamed Salah might have been awarded the Premier League Golden Boot for leading scorer but his daughter, Makka, stole the limelight from her dad with a goal of her own . . .

March 22, 2019

The Wait

by duncanr
March 7, 2018

Take notes, Ivanka

by allthoughtswork

This is what class and education looks like.

December 22, 2017

Mums don’t always know best

by duncanr

‘alternative’ medicine can sometimes effect a cure when ‘conventional’ medical treatment can’t

in part, this may be attributable to a placebo effect – the patient’s belief that the treatment will effect a cure results in a positive outcome

in other cases, the cure may be the result not of a placebo effect but because the alternative medical approach has triggered real physical/bio-chemical changes in the patient’s body that help to effect a cure

that said, you wouldn’t want this woman for your mother if you were suffering from constipation – just saying !

August 15, 2017

Father of the Year Nominee

by duncanr

a strong contender for the 2017 title perhaps – this dad who used his daughter as a human shield to prevent a cop from tasering him ?

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February 24, 2015

Kali of the Dance

by duncanr

this is how a man amuses himself when his wife goes out and leaves him to look after their daughter, Kali

February 7, 2015

Daddy Lies

by duncanr

July 25, 2013

Cancer Stricken Dad’s Last Dance

by duncanr

More details here –

July 17, 2013

AHI – No Woman, No Cry

by duncanr

Recorded in a side street off Oxford Circus in London, AHI – with help from his daughter on the chorus – does a brilliant version of this Bob Marley song

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