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June 2, 2017

May Says . . .

by duncanr

Strong and Stable’

but policy U-Turns look more like ‘wobbly’ than ‘stable’

and refusing to answer local reporter’s questions; refusing to appear on televised debate with other party leaders; and refusing to appear on radio 4’s Women’s Hour programme (unlike other party leaders) does not exactly convey the impression of strength but rather of weakness or cowardliness . . .

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November 10, 2016

Why Trump Won

by duncanr

October 28, 2016

Hillary Shakes a Leg with Bone

by duncanr

September 30, 2016

Trump – Super Careless, Fragile Ego, Extra Braggadocious

by duncanr

May 6, 2016

Bercow Chides Hunt

by duncanr

the Speaker of the House of Commons is charged with keeping some semblance of order during debates in the UK Parliament

many have their own particular style of doing so

here the current incumbent employs sarcasm to rebuke a Government Minister, Jeremy Hunt (frequently pronounced ‘Cunt’) for attending a debate but refusing to directly answer criticism of government policy put to him by members of the Opposition parties – delegating, instead, that task to one of his junior colleagues – and pissing about on his mobile phone while others are speaking during the debate

September 24, 2015

2nd Republican Presidential Hopefuls Debate

by duncanr

politicians have mastered the art of talking interminably without actually saying anything meaningful

thankfully, for those interested in who might be the Republican candidate for the position of President of the USA when Barack (thank fuck that’s over) Obama’s term of office ends, those guys at The Woodcreek Faction have edited out all the waffle and crap from the 2nd debate between the Republican hopefuls – to capture, instead, the really important parts, i.e., the parts where they weren’t lying . . .

August 30, 2013

F*ck You, Cameron

by duncanr

cameron and eggThe message from opinion polls is very clear – 2/3rds of UK public polled are against any British military intervention in Syria

Despite this, the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has been pushing for the UK to join the USA in ‘limited’ military strikes against Syria.

Yesterday, in a vote in the House of Commons, however, members of his own political party joined opposition MPs in voting against any UK attack on Syria

Some sanity, at last – the last thing we need is another Messianic Christian leader (spouting about ‘moral duty’) dragging us into another foreign ‘adventure’ without any thought of the likely repercussions

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January 8, 2013

Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones

by duncanr

Alex Jones was so upset that a foreigner like Piers Morgan should dare to question the need for Americans to own so many guns, esp assault rifles, he started a petition to have him kicked out of America [the petition has now in excess of 100k signatures]

Piers invited Alex in to the studio to debate the issue – here’s the result !

October 5, 2012

Romney vs Obama

by duncanr

The general opinion (even amongst his own supporters) is that Obama delivered a poor performance in the 1st of 3 televised debates with Mitt Romney.

Romney has made such a hash of his campaigning so far that Obama ought to have wiped the floor with him, but the sucker never once raised any of the pre-debate embarrassing gaffes by Romney. And while the latter was lively and aggressive, Obama looked disinterested, staring at his feet most of the time, and (without an autocue) incoherent and stumbling in his words (click here).

If he is to do better in the remaining two debates his advisors need to . . .

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July 7, 2012

Jordanian MP Brandishes Gun during TV Debate

by duncanr

And to think politicians in the UK fear appearing in front of Jeremy Paxman on TV – they should think themselves lucky they’re not asked to appear on political discussion shows on Jordanian TV . . .

On one such show, Mohammed Shawabka, a Jordanian member of parliament, exchanged insults and accusations with political activist, Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad, during a live debate – finally throwing his shoe at him, then pulling a gun from his waistband . . .

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