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February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Danish police

by allthoughtswork

Danish police just posted this for Valentine’s Day with a love letter to all the wanted criminals


That’s either a love letter to wanted criminals or the Danes have found a unique way of warming up the bedroom in a cold climate.

May 7, 2017

WARNING: Wolves in Denmark

by allthoughtswork

It’s official, there’s all kinds of biting and howling going down in Denmark. And not just in the bedroom.

Image result for wolf funny

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April 18, 2016

Get Paid to Watch Porn

by duncanr

orgasmnow don’t all rush at once but there’s a bar in Denmark looking to employ someone to watch 20 hours of porn a week for 6 weeks

wait, come back – I haven’t given you the details yet !

December 20, 2015

What Have We Been Reduced to ?

by duncanr

concentration campI have made no secret of the fact I am an atheist

yet I have both christian and muslim friends

I get exasperated, however, when I read shite like this . . .

for f*ck Sake – christians and muslims believe in the same imaginary being God

‘Allah’ is simply the arabic word for ‘God’

the main difference, from my atheist perspective, between Islam and Christianity is that . . .

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January 19, 2015

Folk asked to Fuck More

by duncanr

sexted200 Thisted, which has a population of 13,000, has the lowest birth-rate in Denmark and there are concerns over the long-term future of schools and shops unless more babies are born

the local council is therefore encouraging residents to have more sex in a bid to boost the town’s population –

well, I’m getting on a bit now – but if it’s in a good cause, I’m willing to do what I can to help

excuse me while I fetch my suitcase from the loft and get some viagra from the chemist !

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March 29, 2014

Do it for Denmark

by duncanr

Denmark has a problem – the birth rate is falling

The solution?

Encourage couples to have lots of sex (with each other) when on holiday by offering rewards if they can prove they conceived when on holiday (

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October 14, 2012

Win an iPhone with a Small Penis

by duncanr

Who says size doesn’t matter?

Guys, if you want to win an iPhone in a competition organised by a Danish porn erotica site, post a photo of your erect penis, alongside a tape measure, to the website

The winning dick will be chosen by the sites female members

The man that comes second will win an iPad

Before you get too cocky though, guys – there’s a catch. The competition is for the man with the ‘smallest‘ penis – which kinda rules me out! 😆

But nevermind, if any of you other Madhatters think you might be in with a chance of winning the competition, be sure to let us know how you got on 😉

September 20, 2011

Roadsweeper Removes Race Finishing Line

by duncanr

Me bad ?

Organisers of the Road Cycling World Championships in Denmark received a nasty shock when they awoke on the morning of the race to find someone had ‘nicked’ the ‘finishing line’

The culprit was found to be a road sweeper who thought the line on the road was graffiti and scrubbed it off

Took the organisers 2 hours to repaint the finishing line and to remove an oil spill from a section of the road which the road sweeper had missed (bugger was probably too knackered after removing the finishing line?)

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September 6, 2011

Sex Toy Cure for Anorexia

by duncanr

This is a question to female MadHatters – how gullible are you?

If you had an eating disorder and went to a doctor for help, would you strip naked in front of him if asked ?

Would you open your legs wide to show him your vagina?

Would you believe him when he told you taking photographs of your vagina was a form of ‘alternative medicine’ designed to cure your anorexia ?

Would you . . .

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May 25, 2011

Marmite Banned in Denmark

by duncanr

It’s brown, sticky, and tastes like shit

To say it’s an acquired taste would be an understatement.

It’s tradename is ‘Marmite’ and people either love it or hate it (no prizes for guessing which camp I fall into).

Now Denmark has banned this noxious stuff – a decision that has upset ex-pat Brits living in there.

[One would suppose the manufacturers of this foul-smelling, tar-like substance are none too pleased by the Danish Government’s decision either]

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