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June 3, 2018

Graffiti Hill

by duncanr

For over seventy years, people have been driving out in their RVs to a remote desert area near the city of Yuma, in the US state of Arizona, to write their names and leave messages on the desert floor. Unlike regular graffiti that is hurtful to the environment, at Valley of Names messages are spelled out by carefully arranging rocks and small boulders in the hard-packed white sand

hhmmm, perhaps it’s just me but while this graffiti is ‘not hurtful to the environment’, to me it’s an act of vandalism that mars the natural beauty of the area

April 3, 2013

Bad Dog !

by duncanr

pooJeez, seems even in the middle of nowhere, a guy can’t take a dump without being rudely interrupted – by a dog !

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, a giggling ‘friend’ pops up with a camera phone to capture the bare-arsed guy being chased by the dog

Vid here –

May 25, 2012

Dog Rescued from Desert

by duncanr

A young dog was driven into the desert and abandoned there.

Locals couldn’t catch her but did the next best thing – they put out food and water to enable her to survive

The 1st vid shows her eventual rescue

The 2nd vid shows her settled in with her new family

February 14, 2011

Man Survives on Screen Wash

by duncanr

O.K. here’s the problem.

Your car gets stuck way out in the desert. It’s blisteringly hot during the day and friggin freezing at night. You’ve got a few scraps of food in the car but nothing to drink and there is no source of water anywhere near. How do you stop yourself becoming dehydrated and dying before you rescuers find you 5 days after you went missing?

Pay attention now (This could save your neck sometime)

You do what cunning auld coot Henry Morello (Hank to his friends) did !!!

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