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March 9, 2016

George’s Special Day

by duncanr
December 7, 2014

The Men of Atalissa

by duncanr

sometimes we don’t see the abuse that’s right under our noses . . .

July 3, 2014

Look, No Hands 2

by duncanr

the other day, I posted a video of a guy putting his trousers on without using his hands –

this was a ‘party piece’ he had devised

for some folk, however, getting dressed without using hands is not a gimmick but a necessity !

Tisha Unarmed shows how

June 28, 2013

Something to Read – My Kids have the Best Dad

by duncanr

A few weeks ago, I started a new feature on Madhatters – recommending another blog for folk to explore over the weekend

best-dad-clipartThis week I’m featuring a blog by a woman who, with her husband, has helped bring up 19 children – {and I thought bringing up two was hard work)

In this post, she pays tribute to her husband, Raymond, for the part he has played in being a dad to all these kids –

Be sure to also read the ‘About’ section of her – “Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities And Remaining Sane Blog” – click here – – then take the time to read more of Linda Petersen’s blog !

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