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December 18, 2015

Wuss Divorces Wife for Kissing Camel

by duncanr

no tongues !

no tongues !

a Saudi man divorced his wife – at his mother’s insistence – after she was discovered being overly friendly with a camel [no information as to whether one hump or two]

the divorce was short-lived, however, and the following day, he and his wife remarried – though now they both are living with her parents as his mother refuses to let his wife back into the house she formerly shared with her son, and his wife does not want to live anywhere near her mother-in-law –

P.S. no information as to where the camel is currently living !

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November 30, 2015

Talaq, Talaq, Talaq – Bollocks

by duncanr

arseholeI recently created a new category for some of my madhatter posts – ‘Arsehole

this story definitely fits this category

a woman is gang-raped by her neighbours, tells her husband – expecting his sympathy and support – and, instead, the bastard sends her a text message saying ‘talaq, talaq, talaq’ (all that is needed under Sharia Law for a man to divorce his wife)

in addition, she has been . . .

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March 11, 2015

Man Mugged by Judges

by duncanr

thellawisanassdamn, I hope my 1st wife doesn’t read this –

it’s been 30 years since our divorce, yet this judgment appears to give her the right to claim a part of my pension when I retire next year – F*ck !!!

March 4, 2015

Wife Gets Too Much of a Good Thing

by duncanr

aisha dannupawa toona woman has petitioned a sharia court for a divorce from her husband after just a week of marriage because . . . well read all about it here –

suffice to say, the husband is not too unhappy about the divorce – after all, he has a lot more money now than before and the publicity surrounding the divorce means he has an enviable reputation amongst his mates and probably no shortage of women wanting to take his wife’s place 😆

September 25, 2014

Saudi Man Divorces Unreasonable Wife

by duncanr

divorce3a Saudi man has been granted a divorce because of his wife’s ‘unreasonable behaviour’

can you believe it – the cheeky mare only had the nerve to tell him to fuck off (or words to that effect, in arabic) when he asked her to shut the car door for him !

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September 1, 2014

Man Divorces Sex-Starved Wife

by duncanr

not now - I've got a headache

not now – I’ve got a headache

a Mumbai court has granted a man a divorce because of his wife’s unreasonable demands for sex –

[poor sod, I know exactly how he feels. My wife was just the same. Always demanding sex – even though it wasn’t Christmas or her birthday]

P.S. don’t feel too sorry for the wife. According to the husband, she has ‘an insatiable appetite for sex‘ and ‘used to force him into having unnatural sex‘. And on top of all that, she used to . . .

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August 7, 2014

Another Man Dumps his Wife

by duncanr

arab ponting150a Saudi woman’s marriage went up in a puff of smoke when her husband took the hump, and filed for divorce, after finding her with a ‘Camel’

click the ‘continue reading’ button for details of the full shocking story – complete with pic . . .

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June 30, 2014

Silent Sex Trouble

by duncanr

divorce180A man in Zimbabwe wants to divorce his wife because . . .

she doesn’t make any noise when they’re having sex

hhmmm, don’t know what he’s got to complain about – mine used to read a book !

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June 24, 2014

Man Tries to Divorce Fat Wife

by duncanr

building up a sweat’till death do us part (or the wife gets fat)

Oscar Wilde described bigamy as having one wife too many – trust me, sometimes monogamy feels pretty much the same!

fortunately, there are ‘non-lethal’ ways to rid oneself of an unwanted wife end an unhappy marriage

putting on weight and not doing any housework, however, are not valid grounds for divorce (at least in India) a court has decided –

[probably just as well, else a lot of beer-bellied, lazy-arsed husbands would be getting very nervous] 😆

January 11, 2014

There’s Stupid, then There’s . . .

by duncanr

warring couple. . . Jane Mulcahy

Seems ‘divorce’ is a pretty hard concept for some folk to grasp !

Poor dear is suing her lawyers for not making it clear to her that getting divorced meant she and her husband would no longer be married