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January 29, 2013

Prostitutes visit Elderly in Care Home

by duncanr

sexy nurseI’m getting on a bit now and have been giving some thought to the future. While my health is O.K. now, that will not always be the case. When I get to the stage where I can no longer look after myself, I don’t want to be a burden on my family. I have been thinking, therefore, of going into a care home someplace nice. Eastbourne caught my eye. Situated by the sea, it is the sunniest place in Britain. That’ll do for me. Of course there are other attractions too – –

P.S. must remember to buy some red socks ! 😉

November 28, 2009

Robin ‘Goth’ Hood

by duncanr

Frater Osiris Xnoubis (bet that’s not what his parents called him) was sentenced to 3.1/2 yrs in jail yesterday for armed robbery.

I know what you’re thinking – so what?

Apart from the funny name, why has this bank robbery caught my eye?

Hhmm, seems Xnoubis entered the HSBC branch in Terminus Road, Eastbourne dressed head to toe in black leather and passed a note to the cashier demanding she empty the contents of her till into a bag he had helpfully brought with him for this purpose.

When he left the bank a few moments later – £6,570 richer than when he entered – he told the cashier to ‘have a nice day’ then walked a few yards down the street to a pub, where he ordered a bottle of beer, handed the barmaid a £20 note and told her to keep the change.

Having drunk his beer he sauntered over to a nearby Cafe, emptied his ill-gotten gains on the counter and told folk to help themselves. While they were doing so, he then took a stroll to the local police station and handed himself in.

His defending lawyer produced evidence in court that at the time of the robbery he was not mentally ill but was suffering from depression.

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