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January 9, 2019

Medical Cock-Up

by duncanr

a doctor’s poor handwriting led to a woman presenting with a dry eye being given erectile dysfunction cream Vitaros instead of ocular lubricant Vita-Pos – [wonder if her eyes came out on stalks?]

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November 4, 2013

Size Does Matter

by duncanr

TNYAskMeAboutMyThickNeckBad News, guys, size is important – but not where you think !

[Excuse me while I go find a measuring tape]

January 30, 2013

No Sex Please – the Dog’s Watching

by duncanr

erectile dysfunctionMen have long viewed with suspicion the sudden onset of a ‘headache’ that precludes their partner from having sex with them, suspecting (rightly?) that the pain the woman is referring to is not in her head but is the dude standing at the foot of the bed waving his dick at her

New research, however, reveals that men too may. on occasion, offer a weak excuse to avoid some ‘rumpy-pumpy’ –

In many cases, these excuses to avoid sex are . . .

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July 12, 2012

Penis Pump : Erection Fraud

by duncanr

As many as half of American men in their 60s experience ED and the problem worsens with age.

A variety of solutions are available to men suffering Erectile Dysfunction (ED) but only two – penis pumps, and implanted penile inflation – are covered by Medicare

Some clever dicks, spotting an opening, have risen to the occasion and bought cheap penis pumps (around $26 ea) from online sex shops, distributed them to diabetic sufferers, then charged Medicare an inflated price (around $284 ea) for the pumps

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October 26, 2011

Canine Erectile Dysfunction

by duncanr
October 26, 2010

Church takes Hard Line against Erectile Dysfunction Ad

by duncanr

Libby Ashby has been barred from attending her local church because she appeared in an ad about erectile dysfunction.

Anyone think the church’s stance is justified – that the ad is pornographic or offensive ?

Or do you think, like me – that it is mildy amusing ?

July 20, 2010

Medical Cock Up

by duncanr

62-year-old Dr Mohan Tharakan of Whitley Bay faces being struck off by the General Medical Council after claims a patient who complained of a sore throat was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction – Jeez, that would kinda want to make you question his medical competence !!!

Turns out there was a bit more to it, however. The doctor hadn’t misdiagnosed the patient. He correctly sent him away with a prescription for some antibiotics. He then entered the erectile dysfunction diagnosis in the patients notes, wrote out a prescription (in the patient’s name) for some tablets to help cure impotency, then trotted down to the chemist to collect the tablets for himself

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October 8, 2009

Madhatters Guide to Kissing

by duncanr

One of our favourite bloggers, delicateflower, today addresses the problem of erectile dysfunction – or as it is more colloquially known – ‘limp dick‘ and offers an unusual but surefire solution. Click here for details . . .

Not to be outdone, the MadHatters are also offering ‘relationship’ advice today. Being a ‘family-orientated’ site, however, our advice centers on a rather less ‘racy’ topic – ‘how to kiss’

February 14, 2009

Erectile Dysfunction

by duncanr

Ladies, looking for something ‘special’ to give your man this Valentine’s Day? Something a little out of the ordinary?

If you’re worried your Valentine’s day is going to be a bit of a ‘let down’, BUPA have the answer.

‘The Bupa Erectile Dysfunction Health Check costs £199 and is available at any of the 45 Bupa Wellness Centres across the United Kingdom. The health check includes time with a doctor to explore the possible causes of erectile dysfunction complete with a blood test to check for a number of things including testosterone, glucose and prolactin levels. The doctor will discuss any lifestyle advice, medical treatment or further referral.’

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