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May 3, 2018

Still Opposition to Erect Penis in Park

by duncanr

seems several folk complained when they spotted this man, with a large erection, in their local park –

April 15, 2017

3 Week Erection

by duncanr

a woman in Zimbabwe who slipped a love potion (containing Baboon piss) in her husband’s tea to increase his ardour began to rue her action when the randy bugger was left with an erection for 3 weeks and demanded sex 6 times a day – even when she was cooking or in church –

August 19, 2016

Trump Erection – NYC Parks Not Impressed

by duncanr

donald-trumpNYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small

big up the NYC Parks spokesperson responsible for that quote following the removal of a naked Donald Trump from Union Square Park –

P.S. full frontal pics of the naked trump here –

December 31, 2015

Wanted – Man with Big Dick

by duncanr

bikeboner_cropGreater Manchester Police are reportedly anxiously trying to find a man seen in public with an erection – [so, too, are Greater Manchester women !]

P.S. no mention of a red Raleigh bike with dropped handlebars, a bell, and a wicker shopping basket up front, so our ratty may be in the clear !

December 1, 2015


by NobblySan


March 14, 2015

4 hour Erections from Tesco

by duncanr

banana1a woman in Wales was shocked to discover a bunch of bananas bought in her local Tesco was infested with a cocoon of Brazilian Wandering Spiders – whose bite can cause men to have erections lasting up to 4 hours –

in related news, Tesco stores throughout the UK report a huge rise in the number of female shoppers buying bananas !

June 7, 2014

Korean Take Away

by duncanr

shocked womanover in Korea, a man with a huge erection has been seen hanging around a shopping mall in Busan – near a children’s play area

surprisingly, some folk have a problem with this and have been agitating to have the creep removed

January 14, 2014

Standing to Attention : Man with 7 week Erection

by duncanr

Erectile_Dysfunction150A young man was left with a painful erection when he accidentally whacked his penis against the bar of his mountain bike.

When after 5 weeks, the erection had not subsided, the 22 yr old took himself off to Tallaght Hospital in Dublin

It took a further two weeks before staff there were able to ‘deflate’ his penis

Consultant Intervention Radiologist, Dr Ronan Browne said this “was a great result” for the patient –

[but not so great, perhaps, for his girlfriend?] 😉

September 23, 2013

Man Loses Erection

by duncanr

on off switch120Madhatters would like to issue a PSA to all men

No doubt many will be familiar with the phrase – Too much of a good thing – implying excess, even of a good thing, can be bad for you

Well that applies equally to sex

Take heed of this sorry tale of a 66-year old man who sought to enhance his sexual prowess – lest his fate befall you too

You have been warned !

[gruesome details here –]

June 18, 2013

Man Sues over Medical Cock Up

by duncanr

penisA man who had a penile implant was left with a permanent erection for 8 months

While his partner may have been delighted, he was not !

He had trouble riding . . .

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