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April 21, 2017

It’s the Intention that Counts

by duncanr

a word to the wise …

if you are going to help an old lady cross the street, remember to apply your handbrake before exiting your vehicle

February 10, 2011

All Gone to Pot ?

by duncanr

The Law ?

They take a dim view in Harju County of cannabis growers.

On Feb 8, a court there sentenced a 34 yr old man found with 207 plants in his apartment to 4yrs + 3 months in prison.

To put that into perspective, in the same court – on the same day – a man received a lesser sentence (just 4 yr) for his role in beating another man to death in a shopping centre car-park

Source . . .

Hhmm, seems the value of a life is cheap in Estonia ?

[thanks to Peter Reynolds for this story]

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