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October 15, 2019

Autumn in Oregon, when the trees and sasquatch are in full color

by allthoughtswork

A friend of a friend sent me this pic of himself enjoying the fall colors!


November 14, 2018

The Right Place at the Right Time

by duncanr

A group of boys were playing on a street – in Pusad in Maharashtra, India – when their kite got stuck on the third floor balcony of a building. Swapnil Zagre, 11, went up the building and managed to free the kite, which fell to the ground.

His friend Amol, also 11, who was on the ground, rushed to pick up the kite and bent over. At that exact same moment Swapnil fell from the third floor and landed on Amol, breaking his fall and saving his life

[neither boy was seriously hurt]

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August 20, 2018

Sheep falls on Man

by duncanr

ewe might be wondering wether I’m pulling the wool over your eyes with the title of this post ?

well, read this

June 30, 2018

Ouch !

by duncanr

November 17, 2017

Dogs Having Fun

by duncanr

June 25, 2017

Animal Rescue

by duncanr

a young elephant calf who fell into a pool of water at a zoo in Seoul was guided to the shallow end and shepherded out to safety by two adult elephants operating as a team

a third elephant – unable to help because separated from the others by a fence – paced anxiously back and forth while the drama unfolded

May 1, 2017

Man Grabs Pussy and . . .

by duncanr

pulls it from river after it fell in the Thames during . . .

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October 18, 2016

Going Down

by duncanr


source B&P

May 18, 2016

Shit Happens

by duncanr

BJP MP Poonam (an apt name under the circumstances) Madam fell 8ft into a sewer during a live TV broadcast when the thin concrete covering she was standing on collapsed

she was treated in local hospital for a 4″ head wound and injuries to her shoulder and legs before being transferred to larger hospital in Mumbai

hhmmm, I can think of a few (well, more than a few, actually) UK and US politicians I wish this had happened to !

January 23, 2016

Housework : A Warning

by duncanr

man falling off balconyevery now and again, we here at Madhatters like to put aside – temporarily – our flippancy to air a serious matter

today’s PSA is a warning to men everywhere

in the face of relentless bullying, cajoling, threats from the women in your life, stay strong – refuse to do . . .

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