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April 18, 2018

All my suspicions confirmed

by allthoughtswork

Comey is a smart, smart man. No wonder Trump was afraid of him.

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April 11, 2018

Caption this . . .

by duncanr


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December 24, 2013

Search for Woman with Big Butt

by duncanr

big assPolice in Arizona are looking (aren’t we all?) for a woman with a big arse

Full story here –

P.S. They might want to start their search at Walmart 😆

July 6, 2012

Internet Doomsday Looms

by duncanr

In November last year, the FBI closed down servers belonging to a criminal gang. The gang had infected millions of computers worldwide with malicious software that redirected internet traffic from these computers to the gangs own servers

Before closing down the gang’s servers, the FBI set up their own temporary servers to allow PC owners continued access to the internet while the Alureon malware was removed from their machines.

Those temporary servers are . . .

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