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May 23, 2013

Fox Plays with Golf Ball

by duncanr
September 23, 2012

Foxy Lady Stalks Dancer

by duncanr

Xmas/New Year party dance performance at Fitness Centre in Russia doesn’t go quite as planned when a young Fox – evading attempts to capture it – decides to join in the routine

May 1, 2012

Fox Meets Spike

by duncanr

I quite often see one or two foxes on my 3am walks in the park with the dogs.

My current pack – Jack Russels – go hysterical if they can a glimpse of one or pick up their scent.

One of my previous dogs though was more laid back. On one of my early morning walks I was waiting at the entrance of the park to return home while she and my other dog were exploring a smell they seemed to find particularly interesting. After about 10 minutes waiting, I got fed up and called them to come to me. It was then I felt something brush against my leg and looking down saw my other dog standing beside me. The two dogs I thought I had been watching were my other dog and her new friend – a fox

Following vid was shot in Greenock and features a curious fox and a dog called Spike

via Arbroath