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April 30, 2019

Billy Connolly: Portrait of a Lifetime

by duncanr

if you’ve got an hour to spare, this is a lovely documentary about 3 artists, and the city of Glasgow, commemorating the Big Yin’s 75th birthday a couple of years ago. . .

August 8, 2018

Glasgow’s drying green: Now twice as dry and half as green!

by allthoughtswork

Image result for glasgow drying green


The place where Duncan’s ma would hang up his kit to dry hasn’t seen a pair of his tighty-whities in decades. Which is unfortunate because, the climate being what it is, he could probably dry the entire contents of his lingerie drawer now in minutes.

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November 22, 2016

The Art of Coarse Teaching

by duncanr

coarse-teachera Glasgow teacher wants the profession to get real and allow teachers to swear back at pupils who verbally abuse them

“Mr Cairns said that in the past year kids had regularly sworn at him with impunity, including “f*** you” and “poofy head”

A spokeswoman for the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) disagreed, however, with Mr Cairns’ suggestion.

She said: “Swearing is not fucking . . .

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September 25, 2016


by duncanr
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August 6, 2016

They’re Off !

by duncanr

condomsso the 2016 Olympics kicked off in Rio last night

there are some new events in these olympics, e.g. speed weightlifting, russian relay, equestrian (sneaky), safety gymnastics

(for full list, and details, of the new events see – )

of course, adding new events to the Olympics is nothing new

Glasgow’s failed bid to host the 2008 Olympics included suggestions for some novel events, details of which can be viewed below . . .

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May 4, 2016

Saving Glass-co

by duncanr

Oh dear !

a pair of well-intentioned christian american kids are seeking contributions to fund a two-week trip to Scotland to help the poor and deprived citizens of Glasgow

if they were hoping for a warm welcome, however, they may be in for a disappointment

reaction to their youtube video

has been largely ‘negative’, e.g., “Absolute thundercunts“, “condescending little pricks“, “Piss off

some folk, more polite than others, have suggested that they . . .

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April 3, 2016

Remembering Asad Shah

by duncanr

asad shah2on 24th March, a much liked and respected Glaswegian shop keeper, Asad Shah, was stabbed to death by a fellow muslim – apparently because he had tweeted a message of support to christians celebrating Easter

a gofundme page set up by some of his customers hoping to raise £1500 to help his family has instead raised £111,526 in 8 days

Asad’s family have released the following statement . . .

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January 14, 2016

Glasgow Wineathlon

by duncanr

drunk runnerI used to be a bit of an athlete when I was a kid at school – [until I discovered wine and women]

various folk have, in the years since, tried to persuade me to don a pair of running shoes and join them in a ‘fun run’, half-marathon etc and received in response an emphatic – ‘f8ck off!’

this new event in Glasgow, however, sounds right up my street –

if the idea catches on and Brum decides to stage one here, I might just be tempted – especially if samosas are involved as well!

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April 29, 2014

F*ck the Ducks

by duncanr


March 2, 2014

Gary “Cucumber” Rough Jailed

by duncanr

scot with cucumber200A man who threatened a woman with a large cucumber has been jailed

Gary Rough went into a Glasgow Bookies, armed with a cucumber wrapped in a black sock, and demanded money

The woman teller, however – unimpressed by the size of his ‘weapon’ – told him to piss off and an off-duty cop, who happened to be in the bookies at the time, knocked him to the ground with one punch

Rough later claimed . . .

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