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October 14, 2019

Message from the Grave

by duncanr

Shay Bradley passed away in Dublin last week after a long illness. Before he died, he recorded a mesage to be played to mourners at his grave

July 30, 2019

Just a Matter of Time

by duncanr


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June 10, 2019

The Man in the Next Grave

by duncanr

read what happened next – here

November 15, 2017

The Stranger at my Brother’s Grave

by duncanr

Karl Smith died in 1947, aged 12 yr old

for 70 years, a mysterious stranger has been visiting his grave . . .

July 24, 2017

Victor Noir’s Dick

by duncanr

they say size doesn’t matter

hard to believe that’s true when so many women are queueing up to rub Victor Noir’s huge cock –

March 22, 2017

In Death as in Life

by duncanr


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October 5, 2014

Where there’s a Will

by duncanr

gravedigger180there’s a Way – so the saying goes

sadly, for Melanie Nash – looking to find her father’s ‘missing’ Will – digging up his grave and searching his corpse was not the way

the only thing the bugger took with him to the grave – not trusting there would be any available where he was going – was a pack of fags clutched tightly in his hand –

November 27, 2013

Dead Man Walking

by duncanr

ripA polish couple made a grave error when they buried their son – the bugger was still alive !

Hello mum and dad. I’m back“, said Jaroslaw Carolinsk, as his parents laid flowers on his grave

(full story here –

Now the question everyone (parents and police, alike) are asking is – who the f*ck’s in the grave?


November 21, 2011

A Man’s Best Friend

by duncanr

Lao Pan, a single man from Panjiatun village in China died earlier this month, aged 68

Since then, his dog has kept vigil by his grave

When efforts to coax the dog away failed, villagers concerned that the dog was not eating, began taking food and water to it.

Since the dog won’t leave his master’s grave, the villagers plan to build a kennel for it nearby