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November 5, 2016

Pie Commits Hate Crime?

by duncanr

thanks to allesklar for this gem from Jonathan Pie

and big shout out for youtube commentator – ASMRWhisperLight for this comment . . .

You should marry her then she could be called Sue Fish-Pie

May 24, 2013

What’s the Difference Between an Act of Terror and a Hate Crime?

by duncanr

bloody knifeThe tragic death of a young British soldier on the streets of Woolwich by two men armed with knives and hatchets has hit the headlines across the world

This barbaric act has been universally described by the media and politicians as an act of ‘terrorism’

Would it be described as ‘terrorism’ if two white EDL members hacked a young black man to death?

Is ‘terrorism’ a term used to describe violent acts only if performed by Muslims?

A few weeks ago, not far from where I live, an elderly gentleman walking home from the mosque was stabbed multiple times in the back and died from his wounds. Some white youths were . . .

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March 25, 2012

Shaima Alawadi R.I.P.

by duncanr

Iraqi born Shaima Alawadi, a 32-year-old mother of five who emigrated to the USA 20 years ago, was taken off life-support yesterday

She had been on life-support since her daughter found her battered body at their home in southern california on Wednesday night

One possibility police are considering, following the discovery of a note by her body that read

go back to your own country. You’re a terrorist.

is that Shaima Alawadi was the victim of a ‘hate’ crime

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