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February 8, 2018

Vinegar Valentines

by duncanr

why did these anti-valentine cards die out?

full story, and more vinegar valentines, here –

March 19, 2017

Words of Advice

by duncanr


December 9, 2013

Does the Daily Mail Hate You?

by duncanr

throwing mudIt’s ‘Official’ – I’m proud to announce that the Daily Mail Hates me !

Take this 100% accurate scientific test to find out what the Daily Mail thinks of you

October 21, 2013

Monday Blues Remedies

by duncanr

mondayLet’s be honest – Mondays suck, right?

My local freebie newspaper, however, has come up with 5 suggestions to make it better –

[Surprisingly, my own suggestions –

turning over and going back to sleep or

phoning in sick and opening another bottle of wine

do not appear on the list]

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