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January 20, 2019

My Idea of Hell

by duncanr

stunning video of these high rise tower blocks in hong kong – but wouldn’t want to live there !

June 11, 2013

One of our Spies is Missing

by duncanr

Have you seen this man ?

Have you seen this man ?

Friends and family of a young american man residing temporarily in Hong Kong after falling out with his Uncle Sam are anxious to learn of his whereabouts

He has not been seen or heard of since Monday – prompting fears that some harm may have befallen him

Of course it might just be some bugger’s nicked his iphone or that he can’t get a signal where he is at present – [there was some talk, apparently, of him visiting China, Russia, or Iceland]

Meanwhile, his family would like to speak to the anonymous caller who claimed to see a man, not unlike the missing american, boarding a flight to Cuba in the company of two big, burly men wearing suits and dark glasses 😉

September 26, 2012

£40 Million to Marry Lesbian

by duncanr

76 yr old Hong Kong businessman, Cecil Chao, would love to see his daughter settle down with the right man.

He has a lot of money.

So much so, he can afford to offer a $65 million (£45.2 million) ‘dowry’ to the man who can win the heart of his daughter, Gigi.

Only one problem – (No, she’s not an ugly bint) – she’s already married.

Gigi is a lesbian and married her female partner of 7 yrs earlier this year in France

Hhmm, 2 women is a problem?

A threesome and £4.2 million to boot?

Excuse me while I check the flights to Hong Kong !

More here –

December 11, 2008

How to look a bit of a Planck.

by NobblySan


OK – now I’ve got your attention……

An august and respected scientific journal has been left with egg on its face after inadvertantly advertising a Hong Kong strip club on its front cover.

I’d like to know how the guy who laid (poor choice of word there…) out the front page got hold of this particular bit of text in the first place.

thanks to ‘who’s that?’ for this one…

More about it here…