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April 18, 2017

Caption this . . .

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January 7, 2017

Hug a Woman

by duncanr

apparently, hugging a woman is good for her health . . .

so what are you waiting for guys?

October 12, 2016


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September 15, 2016

Cat and Puppy Love

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June 9, 2016

A Boy’s Best Friend

by duncanr

this little chap has been getting a lot of attention since CCTV footage was posted on facebook showing him sneaking into a neighbours garage most mornings to play or hug their dog

full story here –

February 11, 2015

I am Not a Terrorist

by duncanr

there’s a part of me that’s always a mite suspicious of ‘social experiment’ videos that are posted on youtube – [since careful editing can show whatever you want to show] – but putting aside any cynicism, it’s nice to see such a positive response to this plea to strangers to hug a muslim (high five to the black guy who abandoned his car, and stopped traffic, to do so )

October 3, 2013

Going Out with a Bang

by duncanr

broken heart150A romantic evening ended prematurely for one young couple in Arizona

Feeling something hard pressing against her tummy when hugging her boyfriend, a 24 yr old woman asked her boyfriend to pull it out

When he reached inside his pants to do so, however, his weapon accidentally discharged

Police are treating the death of the girl as an accident

P.S. what kind of an idiot carries a loaded gun anywhere near his balls?



February 4, 2012

All She wanted was a Hug

by duncanr

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