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November 7, 2019

What an Arsehole!

by duncanr

I have been using the ‘arsehole’ category almost exclusively when posting something about trump but today it is a fitting description of Rapper T.I.

How else to describe a man who takes pride in escorting marching his daughter to a gynaecologist each year after her birthday to check her hymen is intact to make sure she is still a virgin -[surprised he hasn’t fitted her with a chastity belt, with him holding the key]

this is wrong in so many ways, on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin

just hope his daughter grows some balls soon and tells him to piss off, she’s 18 yr old, it’s her body, and her decision as to when and who she shares it with – and bugger all to do with him!

full story – here

December 8, 2009

Vaginal Corona

by duncanr

'Hymen' is so 'last year' !

A Swedish Sexual Rights campaigning group has devised a new term to describe part of the female anatomy.

Out goes ‘hymen‘ – too negative a press and the cause of much confusion and misunderstanding. It

. . . indicated that there is a membrane covering the vaginal opening that needed to be broken . . .

But in reality there is no membrane; rather there are folds of mucous membrane which form a crown around the vaginal opening . . .

So, in comes ‘Vaginal Corona‘ as a more descriptive term

Source . . .

[given the new terminology, I guess my ‘dick’ should more appropriately be referred to now as a ‘vaginal corona poker’ ?] 😆

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