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July 24, 2018

Killer Umbrellas

by duncanr

the first incident might easily have been dismissed as an accident –

but a second incident, a week later – – invites a more sinister conclusion !

May 18, 2010

Up the Khyber Pass ?

by duncanr

you'll feel a little prick

Cindy Corton, 35, died after her bum was accidentally impaled by the handle of a toilet brush.

It’s not what you’re thinking –

Cindy had a bit too much to drink at a party, got rat-arsed, asked to go the loo, then fell and impaled herself on the handle of a toilet brush.

That was in 2005.

It took her 2 years to get anyone in the NHS to take her seriously – to believe the handle of the toilet brush was stuck in her buttock.

By that time the handle of the toilet brush had become imbedded in her pelvis. Two operations failed to remove it. A third operation proved fatal.

Cindy’s’s husband is now suing the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.

Jeez, how many years of expensive medical training does it take to spot a 6″ toilet handle stuck in some-one’s arse ???

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