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July 19, 2016

Orangutan Makes Sun Hat

by duncanr

we’re experiencing a heatwave in the UK right now – good news for some, not so good for folk like me who risk getting a sunburnt head if I go out without a bunnet to protect my bald patch

not so good, either, if you are trapped in a fur coat and needs must improvise some shade to protect you from the sun . . .

January 1, 2016

Paris Jazz Duet Improvisation

by duncanr

April 30, 2013

Reporter Makes Big Song and Dance about the Weather

by duncanr

And here is your weather forecast for Denver, Colorado . . . 3-6″of snow fell in most metro areas overnight. Today will continue to be cold with outbreaks of – la, de, da, de, da

[Local weather girl, Lisa Hidalgo, improvises when camera falls over during her report]

via Arbroath