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November 8, 2019

Gaay-Gauri Puja

by duncanr

the Cow is sacred to Hindus

a day after Diwali (festival of lights), in the Indian village of Bhidawad, villagers celebrate Gaay-Gauri Puja when cows are decorated, venerated, and encouraged to trample some nutters devotees prostrated on the ground

August 25, 2019

Sticky Situation

by duncanr


a man in India found himself in a somewhat embarrassing situation when a queen bee looking for a new home took a fancy to his arse – within minutes, he had a swarm of the buggers hanging around his backside

full story

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March 20, 2019

Happy Holi 2019

by duncanr

around the world today, millions of people – families, friends, neighbours, and strangers – will be dousing each other with coloured powders and water to celebrate Holi, aka the Festival of Colours to mark the beginning of spring – pics here

you will find no shortage of videos on Youtube showing people celebrating Holi but this one – which I have posted previously on madhatters – remains my favourite

March 3, 2019

Poppy Pecking Parrots of Madhya Pradesh

by duncanr

peeved planters in Madhya Pradesh are getting pissed off at pesky parrots pecking and pinching their poppies to feed their opium addiction –

January 29, 2019

Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani

by duncanr

it is reckoned that Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani planted around 5 million trees in his lifetime – converting the barren landscape around his native village into a lush forest

read more about Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani here –

November 14, 2018

The Right Place at the Right Time

by duncanr

A group of boys were playing on a street – in Pusad in Maharashtra, India – when their kite got stuck on the third floor balcony of a building. Swapnil Zagre, 11, went up the building and managed to free the kite, which fell to the ground.

His friend Amol, also 11, who was on the ground, rushed to pick up the kite and bent over. At that exact same moment Swapnil fell from the third floor and landed on Amol, breaking his fall and saving his life

[neither boy was seriously hurt]

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September 18, 2018

Try This at Home BUT . . .

by duncanr

don’t blame me if you make a mess!

June 28, 2018

Woman Adds Poison to Dhal

by duncanr

some folk don’t take kindly to criticism, no matter how justified it may be

clearly this woman is one of those –

June 28, 2018

Indian Man worships a Turd

by duncanr

most people in Bussa Krishna’s village think he is crazy’ and have ‘advised him to see psychologist about his obsession’

while his parents have reportedly ‘left his house and moved in with some relatives‘ because of his bizarre behaviour

so why is Bussa Krishna worshipping a pile of shit –

May 27, 2018

BBC Fact Check

by duncanr