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April 27, 2017

Chandro Tomar

by duncanr

she may be getting on a bit now (she’s 84 yr old) but this gran can kick ass . . .

April 26, 2017

The Mother With 1,400 Children . . .

by duncanr

282 sons-in-law, 49 daughters-in-law and hundreds of grandchildren

read more about Sindhutai Sapkal here

April 20, 2017

Fewer Blind in India

by duncanr

the number of blind folk in India has been substantially cut – not by any great medical advance but by a change in the way they are counted

India previously classified a person as ‘legally blind’ if they were unable to see the number of fingers held up by a hand 6 metres away, rather than the 3 metre distance used by other countries

by dropping the 6 metre and adopting the more stringent 3 metre rule, the number of ‘legally blind’ in India has fallen by around 4 million and the country does not now compare so unfavourably with the rest of the world –

of course, India could reduce the number of legally blind in the country still further and . . .

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March 23, 2017


by duncanr

knowing my family too well, thank f**k I don’t live in Tamil Nadu ! –

February 21, 2017

Sleep with One Eye Open

by duncanr

wtf-coffinthat’s my advice to any heavy sleepers living in India lest your relatives set about burying or cremating you –

February 13, 2017

Panel to Study Panchagavya

by duncanr

gobshitethe Indian government is setting up a group of scientists and health experts to examine the effectiveness of a traditional purported health cure – Panchagavya – in healing ailments

personally, if anyone tried to administer me a concoction of cow shit and piss, mixed with milk, curds, and ghee, I’d forget any ailments I had and be out of that bed in a shot and down the road running !

February 12, 2017

Woo with a Loo

by duncanr

toilet-for-bridevillagers in the Indian states of Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh have adopted a drastic measure in a bid to curb the widespread practice of ‘open defecation’ due to lack of indoor toilets . . .

[in other news, weddings in these states are going to be a lot less fun due to other cost-cutting measures announced at the same meeting]

full details –

August 28, 2016

Someone I Knew

by duncanr

August 27, 2016

Nude Monk Addresses Assembly

by duncanr help us if our parliamentarians emulate this fellow

August 12, 2016

My Daughter is Precious

by duncanr

father and daughter1daughters are often less valued than sons in some cultures

one father and daughter who hope to change that are Rajesh Ramakrishnan and his 14 yr old daughter, Kaavya

In April this year, they launched a project called ‘My Daughter is Precious

keen photographers, themselves, they noticed that many folk in the poorest sections of society did not own a camera so in addition to raising money for young girls in India and Bangladesh – whose parents can’t afford it – to get an education, they take . . .

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