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September 12, 2017

No Ticket to Ride

by duncanr

a hitch-hiking pigeon and a drunk passenger land an indian bus conductor in deep poo –

March 24, 2015

My Kind of Job

by duncanr

brothel inspectorA multilingual person is desired, with knowledge of French a particular advantage

Hhmmm, excuse me while I go brush up on my French – got to be quick before ‘ratty’ spots this ad and beats me to it

October 19, 2012

Pleb of the Week

by duncanr

Driving home from work today, the DJ on the Asian radio station I listen to announced a new feature – inviting listeners to contact the station and nominate their ‘Desi’ (translate – asian) of the week

I would like to introduce a similar feature in Madhatters. I’ll call it ‘Pleb of the Week’

[‘Pleb’ is a derogatory term for ‘common’ people used by toffy-nosed posh gits]

This will be a sporadic feature, appearing as and when any madhatter thinks anyone deserves to be nominated for the title. To be deserving of such award an individual must demonstrate . . .

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