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October 17, 2019


by allthoughtswork

Image result for florida shaped like a gun


Image result for florida shaped like a gun


June 27, 2016

Brexit – Lies, Damned Lies, and Politicians

by duncanr

June 20, 2016

An ExPat’s View of Brexit

by duncanr

the UK votes on Thursday in a referendum on whether or not to remain a member of the European Union (EU)

on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver rubbished the arguments of those who want the UK to quit the EU

it’s a longish video

for those who can’t be arsed watching it in its entirety, fast forward and watch it from the 13 minute mark

February 18, 2016

Steven Joyce – Dickhead

by duncanr

they’re calling New Zealand politician, Steven Joyce, ‘Dildo Baggins’ after this incident . . .

to his credit, he took it in good humour – going so far as to suggest the clip be sent to John Oliver, who happily seized the . . .

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June 9, 2014

FIFA Explained

by duncanr

at 13 minutes, this is a lot longer than most youtube vids posted on madhatters but stick with it for an amusing and no-nonsense critique of FIFA

or if you really can’t be arsed, just fast forward to around the 10 minute mark

May 10, 2009

Large Hadron Collider : The Oliver Report

by duncanr

colliderScientists in Berne, Switzerland, are hoping to restart the Large Hadron Collider in a few weeks time.

John Oliver speaks to two men with diametrically opposed views as to the risks of the Collider creating a Black Hole which will suck us all into oblivion.

To view vid of the interview – Click Here

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