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January 21, 2019

Wishful Thinking

by duncanr

Fox & Friends broadcast above graphic to inform its viewers that Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died – this ‘fake’ news was a surprise to the judge, who is currently at home recovering from recent surgery –

January 21, 2018

The Law’s an Ass

by duncanr

the law is an asswell, some practitioners of it anyway . . .

a judge in Texas instructed a jury hearing the case of a womam accused of trafficking a teen girl for sex to find the defendant ‘not guilty’ because GOD had spoken to him directly and told him she was innocent

the jurors, however, ignored the judge’s instruction and – based on the evidence presented to them in court – found her guilty ( )

p.s. GOD’s intervention on behalf of the defendant might have carried more weight if he had spoken to the jurors instead of the judge?

March 1, 2017

Caption this . . .

by duncanr



November 10, 2015

Strong Contender for Arsehole of the Year ?

by duncanr

the law is an assthe law is an ass‘ is a well-known saying – [‘ass’ in this sense is not american speak for one’s backside. Instead, it carries the UK english meaning of a ‘donkey’ or a foolish/stupid person or thing]

while that judgement may seem a bit unfair, Alberta Provincial Court judge, Robin Camp is not doing much to make us question that assessment! – victims of sexual violence in Alberta will be hoping they don’t have the misfortune to have Camp, or other judges who share his views, hearing the case against their attacker –

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February 23, 2015

Only a Dog, My Arse !

by duncanr

judge_180I’ve taken 8 dogs on that final trip to the vet – Prince, Roy, Mac, Cassie, Kristie, Shona, Bonnie, and Ceilidh

and it doesn’t get any easier with repetition – the gut-wrenching pain and heart-ache is the same each time

folk who have never shared their life with a dog don’t understand the pain and grief one goes through at such times. To them it’s ‘only a dog’ and our reaction to it’s death is incomprehensible

those who have shared their life with a dog, however, know different – it is never ‘just’ a dog !

a dog loves unconditionally

he or she never . . .

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January 27, 2015

Nuts to Nutella

by duncanr

natella banneda French judge has ruled a couple can’t call their baby ‘Nutella’ because it is the tradename for a shitty spread and to do so would inevitably expose the child to teasing from other kids when it went to school

instead, he ordered the child be called “Ella” – – a much ‘safer’ name for a girl (less so for a boy)

a rare case here of parents being more of an ass than the law !

October 28, 2009

Crime Doesn’t Pay ?

by duncanr

Whoever said ‘crime doesn’t pay’ might want to think again !!!

burglar15018 yr old thieving toerag, Bradley Wernham, has been nicking things since he was 12.

In court, he admitted 20 burglaries and asked for another 645 offences to be taken into account.

It is estimated his crime spree netted him in excess of £1m. Yet while most folk would have expected a custodial sentence to be passed, Judge Christopher Ball thought otherwise.

Told Wernham was turning over a new leaf, the judge decided to ‘relocate’ Wernham to another town, arranging rent-free accommodation for him and his girlfriend.

A friend of Wernham said – ‘He is cock-a-hoop about this.’

Residents of the town to which Judge Ball is relocating Wernham are less pleased !!!

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October 24, 2008

Only in America

by noseycow

A former Judge continues his claim for $54 million against a drycleaners who ‘lost’ his pants!