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January 28, 2016

Oops !

by duncanr

dead squirrela man called the cops to report a squirrel running round and round in circles in the road – leading him to suspect it might be ill, or have been hit by a car, and in need of veterinary assistance

a patrol car was dispatched to the scene to investigate

since you are reading about this here in Madhatters, you can guess how well that turned out –

December 29, 2015

Late Entrants for 2015 Darwin Award

by duncanr

darwin awards150sneaking in at the last minute, before submission for the 2015 Darwin Awards close, these kids must be considered strong contenders to win –

October 19, 2015

Oops !

by duncanr


Sorry !

two elk in Norway were shot by hunters

zookeepers pretty miffed !

October 8, 2014

Goat Kills Kid

by duncanr

falling goat kills boy200or double fuck !

this surely put a dampener on one family’s celebration of Eid this year

if nothing else, it’ll test their belief in a GOD

May 4, 2014

Pan Kills Fan

by duncanr

flying toiletthe cause of death recorded on Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva‘s death certificate should make interesting reading

da Silva died after being hit by a toilet thrown by rival fans at the end of a football match in Brazil – which, I think you’ll agree, is a pretty crap way to go

but like they say, shit happens !

source –

July 14, 2013

Brazilian Cow Kills Man

by duncanr
Well Hello, Boys !!!

Well Hello, Boys !!!

Sad story this . . .

a Brazilian man won’t be shakin’ his maracas any time soon, after a cow got into bed with him – seems her weight when she got on top was too much for the poor sod

Full story here –

[Hhmm, wonder if it’s true that your whole life flashes pasteurised just before your use by date expires?]

June 28, 2013

When the Bird Hits the Fan

by duncanr

wind turbineTweeters flocked to Harris, an island off the west coast of Scotland to see the White-throated Needletail.

Last seen in the UK in 1991, the White-throated Needletail is very rare -(it’s even rarer now!)- and is the world’s fastest flying bird -(it’s also, it appears, extremely short-sighted!)

September 24, 2012

Man Mistakes Wife for a Monkey

by duncanr

Now I’m not saying Basanti Pun was ugly but her husband claims he shot her dead by accident, thinking she was a monkey –

[I dread to think what his mother in law looks like !]

This shooting comes just a few weeks after a father mistook his son for a monkey and killed him

I’ve just crossed Nepal off my list of places to visit – no sense taking any chances !

July 17, 2012

Cops Kill Wrong Man – Blame Man

by duncanr

Lake County cops, looking for a man suspected of attempted murder, visited an apartment in the middle of the night

When the occupant opened the door, it was the wrong man, but they shot him anyway

Problem was, when the cops woke the occupant of the flat by banging on his front door, they decided not to announce that they were police officers – for ‘safety’ reasons

And that’s when it began to go wrong !

The occupant, perhaps . . .

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