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March 18, 2017

Woman Interrupted During BBC Interview

by duncanr

February 9, 2015

Rise of the Machines ?

by duncanr

woman and vacuum a victim of domestic abuse was rescued by emergency services after she was assaulted by a rogue vacuum cleaner –

[would never have happened if she had had a No 1]

June 7, 2014

Korean Take Away

by duncanr

shocked womanover in Korea, a man with a huge erection has been seen hanging around a shopping mall in Busan – near a children’s play area

surprisingly, some folk have a problem with this and have been agitating to have the creep removed

September 25, 2012

Men : Live Longer

by duncanr

Researchers in Korea have found the secret to a long life for men (but not how one could afford it with the cost of living constantly increasing while the value of pensions and government assistance decreases)

Don’t get too excited, though. There’s a price for this increased longevity – one a lot of men may not be willing to pay

see –

October 12, 2011

True Origin of Pizza

by duncanr
June 26, 2011

Tesco Virtual Shopping

by duncanr

You can’t go very far in the UK without stumbling across a Tesco store – whether it be a 24 hr Superstore or a Mini-market attached to your local petrol station.

You can also logon to your local Tesco store online, select your groceries, and have them delivered to your home.

Tesco are now apparently trialling in S.Korea a 3rd way of shopping with them – see vid

Now this looks pretty neat – BUT, I just don’t get it !!!

Whenever I’ve . . .

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