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March 12, 2019

Shit I Learned at School . . .

by duncanr

. .. that turned out to be bollocks


February 14, 2018

Tartle, Jayus, etc . . .

by duncanr

find them here

August 16, 2017

Aussie Speak

by duncanr


May 2, 2017

Then and Now

by duncanr

2017 BC

2017 AD


November 5, 2016

Pie Commits Hate Crime?

by duncanr

thanks to allesklar for this gem from Jonathan Pie

and big shout out for youtube commentator – ASMRWhisperLight for this comment . . .

You should marry her then she could be called Sue Fish-Pie

May 19, 2015

/ˈpɑr·məˌzɑn (ˈtʃiz), -ˌʒɑn/

by duncanr

parmesanas someone who was born, and lived most of my life, in the UK but who lived in Canada for a number of years, I am comfortable switching between american and UK english depending on who I am addressing

this involves switching between alternative words for the same thing or a different pronunciation of the same word

I have to confess, though, that I didn’t realise americans and brits pronounced ‘parmesan’ differently from one another

clink link to Cambridge Online Dictionary entry for ‘Parmesan’ – – then click on button to hear US pronunciation of the word

July 16, 2014

Word Crimes

by duncanr

I think nobbly might like this one . . .

May 29, 2014

UK vs US English

by duncanr


We spell words differently, e.g., colour vs color
We pronounce words differently, e.g., tomahtoe vs tomaytoe
and we attach different meanings to the same words, e.g., well just click this link to see what I mean – scottishmomus

May 27, 2014

The End is Nigh for Nobbly ?

by duncanr

aw5334tn2200pxSome sad news for Nobbly – madhatters erstwhile proponent and staunch defender of English as it is writ by true-blooded Brits, as opposed to the bastardised spelling favoured by Americans – (and a certain traitorous Scot who lived in Canada for some years 😆 )

A kindred spirit who has fought a long fight to preserve UK spelling thinks the battle has been lost and is considering conceding defeat

April 4, 2014

Regional Accents of Britain and Ireland

by duncanr