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August 3, 2018

When Trump Met Liz

by duncanr

addressing a rally of his supporters, Trump denied reports that he was 15 minutes late for a meeting with the queen during a recent working visit to the UK – insisting he was on time and that it was she who had kept him waiting

the photographic evidence, however, belies Trump’s claim as to who was left waiting for whom – and as a bonus, madhatters has managed to procure the service of a lip-reader who was able to add some detail to the photos


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January 4, 2017

Late and Early, Both

by duncanr

funeral-dashI went to a friend’s funeral yesterday

I know the way to the Crem from my house like back of my hand but have never travelled there from Dee’s house so I entered the postcode into my GPS when I picked her up at 12 50.

12.58 my cell phone rang

are you going to answer that? Asked Dee

not while I’m driving, I replied

At first, all went well but then I . . .

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