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May 22, 2018

The day you learn your library is passive-aggressive

by allthoughtswork

I think my library is trying to tell me something


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April 29, 2018

Utah Uni’s Cry Closet

by duncanr

Utah University has installed a special booth in the library where stressed-out students can go for a discreet greet

(pic and full story here)

hhmmm, not sure they have thought this all the way through

how can they ensure students use the ‘cry closet’ solely as a place to cry and not as a safe place to engage in other stress-reducing activities, e.g., smoke a joint, masturbation

February 12, 2018

Librarians having a Laugh

by duncanr


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January 18, 2018

Library of Abandoned Books

by duncanr

a bunch of binmen in Turkey began rescuing books thrown out amongst the garbage to read themselves

before long, they had a little collection that they shared amongst themselves and their families

as the saying goes – ‘from little acorns mighty oaks grow‘ . . .

they now have amassed a collection of 6,000+ ‘reclaimed’ books and have opened a library to make these available for the general public to borrow, and have lent books to ‘local schools, educational programs, and even a few prisons’

full story here –

December 3, 2016

Caption this . . .

by duncanr


November 20, 2015

Porn in the Library

by duncanr

February 14, 2015

Where to Spend a Penny in Sweden

by duncanr

swedish unisex toilet signseems the new Unisex toilets installed at the library in Umeå, Sweden, have left folk scratching their heads and dancing from toe to toe as they try to decide which toilet to enter –

Hhmmm, they think they’ve got problems?

try living in Scotland, mate !

January 7, 2015

Police after Naked Ladies in Library

by duncanr

Note to Self . . .

in the past

in the past

present day

present day

must visit library at weekend – seems they are more entertaining places now than they ever were when I frequented them many years ago –

April 6, 2014

Brummie Life – No 8

by duncanr

man reachingBirmingham recently spent around £190 million ‘upgrading’ its Public Library

Six months after it re-opened, however, short-arses have complained it’s ‘unfit for purpose’

December 15, 2013

Super Heroes

by duncanr

Beth, over at ‘I didn’t have my glasses on’, posted of her disappointment on meeting Spiderman when she was 7 yr old. It reminded me of the time we took our grandkids to meet some super heroes . . .

15th Oct 2006

batmanaccent2300I saw Spiderman in town on Saturday. Along with Batman and Robin, and Superman. The Superheroes were on the 6th Floor of the Library. I know what you’re thinking – another ‘Fathers for Justice’ stunt.

No. These particular Superheroes were part of an ‘Event’ organised by the City Council to encourage children to come along and learn more about the facilities on offer at the library. It was supposed to be a ‘fun day’. Mrs D had spotted the ad in the local paper and decided it was just the thing to amuse the grandkids.

“And its ‘free’,” she said. “So it won’t cost us a penny”.

Well, that wasn’t quite true. It cost me . . .

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