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May 1, 2018


by duncanr

February 16, 2012

No Loo Roll : Prisoner Complains

by duncanr

A prisoner in Sweden has made an official complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman because the authorities at the prison where he is being held took over 2 hours to supply him with a loo roll when he needed a shit

Hhmm, he should think himself lucky no paper to wipe his arse with is all he has to worry about – see

May 14, 2010

T’wit T’loo

by duncanr

Imagine the scene. You’ve gone out shopping. You’re in a department store when you feel a desperate need to go to the loo.

Too Late – with your pants round your ankles you suddenly realise there’s no toilet paper !!!

What do you do ?

This is exactly what happened to one gent recently. Bit of a bummer, innit !!!

Want to know what he did? He posted his plight on Twitter –

Urgently needed toilet paper in the 3rd floor toilet of Akiba Yodobashi.”

18 Minutes later he sent another tweet saying – “The toilet paper arrived safely! Thank you very much!

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