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March 20, 2018

Indian Ménage à Trois

by duncanr

a novel solution to a tricky problem –

September 3, 2017

Letter to Wife’s Lover

by duncanr

to the guy screwing my wife, I am not angry but I would just ask a few things of you since you are screwing her

1. please stop leaving the seat up – I keep getting the blame

2. you may be giving me the chance to go fishing more often but please stop drinking all my beer. It’s fine if you have a couple while you visit – [god knows, I need to drink plenty before I find her attractive] – but please leave me a few as I have to be there longer than you

3. if you do drink the last one, buy some more or . . .

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May 17, 2017

Armed Woman Gate-Crashed Wedding

by duncanr

an arranged marriage in India didn’t quite go to plan – [well, the bride’s plan anyway] – when another woman kidnapped – [did she really?] – the groom at gunpoint

full story here –

January 13, 2015

Prick loses Dick

by duncanr

womanknifepenisedited250what’s that expression again – ‘hell have no fury like a woman scorned’ ?

something 32 yr old, father of 5 (thought China had a 1 child policy?), Fan Lung, should have borne in mind when he stupidly used his wife’s phone to send sexy text to his lover

still, he won’t make that mistake again – especially as his wife remodelled his appearance (twice !) using a pair of scissors –

November 26, 2008

Lovers hit by ‘crunch’

by duncanr

Spare a thought for ‘mistresses’

A recent poll of 191 married people worth at least £13 million who admitted to having extra-marital affairs found that because of the economic downturn –

More than three-quarters of the adulterous multi-millionaire men surveyed said they planned to spend less money on gifts and treats for their lovers, and 82 per cent planned to cut their regular payments.

In other words, they still wanted their ‘bit on the side’ – but wanted to pay less for it !

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