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February 21, 2019

‘Feels as Smooth as it Sounds’

by duncanr

Lynx has released a video tutorial to advise guys how best to shave their balls

June 18, 2018

Wild Canadian Lynx

by duncanr

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July 10, 2016

Lynx on the Run

by duncanr

a lynx has escaped from Dartmoor Zoo

lynx escapes

John Nolan, owner of nearby Sparkwell Golf Course, said his members were unfazed by this possible new hazard on the course ‘The golfers have their clubs if it . . . come near.’

MH understands, though, there is some debate in the clubhouse whether a mashie or a niblick should be the club of choice in dealing with an escaped lynx?

P.S. the lynx is still loose after 3 days on the run, evading traps, drones, and marksmen –

go boy go! (head for switzerland) 😆

June 20, 2014

Feline Friends

by duncanr

a stray cat snuck into Russia’s St Petersburg Zoo in search of food and managed to get into the Lynx enclosure

the two cats took to one-another immediately, so the zoo ‘adopted’ the stray and let her stop in the enclosure with her new best friend

P.S.Lucky she didn’t enter the lions den !

September 30, 2011

Rules of Rugby Explained

by duncanr