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November 24, 2013

Band of Brothers

by duncanr

Danny is 6 yr old

He suffered a brain haemorrhage shortly after birth which has left him with a slight speech impediment

That, and the fact he dresses differently from everyone else at the school – wearing collar and tie, and a suit – has singled him out for teasing and bullying

Hearing of this, some older boys in the school football team decided to show their support for Danny by coming to school dressed like him for a day

Now, while it is refreshing to see a bunch of kids coming out in support of another kid that is being picked on – and I applaud their action in doing so – I can’t help but wonder what  . . .

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January 6, 2013

Egg-throwing Cops Caught

by duncanr

Police officers in Massachusetts were scrambled in response to a report that eggs were being thrown at the house of a sergeant in the force. The culprits, who were soon apprehended, turned out to be off-duty cops who intended it as a yolk

November 4, 2009

Pussy Galore No More

by duncanr

Dudley in Massachesetts has made it illegal for anyone to own more than 3 cats without a license.

The legal change was introduced following a cat-fight between two neighbours – one man complaining that the 15 cats owned by Mary Ellen Richards have ruined his lawn.

Ms Richards is now seeking to relocate to a more ‘cat-friendly’ neighbourhood.

If you live anywhere near Dudley, Massachusetts – you have been warned !!!

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