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September 12, 2018

The Bitch you can Count on !

by duncanr

Lucy Lou’s campaign slogan was ‘the bitch you can count on’

more about her – here

May 8, 2016

Dire Consequence of Electing a Muslim Mayor

by duncanr

naked woman with sausage up bumLondon has been put on high terror alert following the election of a muslim Mayor

police and security officials have confirmed credible reports have been received of an opinionated woman with an overblown ego planning to run naked through the streets of London with a sausage stuck up her arse

trauma councillors are on standby to provide counselling to anyone unfortunate enough to witness this terrifying assault on their senses –

May 3, 2016

The Rich Really Have No Idea

by duncanr

zak arsehole goldsmithone of the benefits of being retired is having time on my hands to write ‘proper’ blog posts rather than the quick one or two lines I dash off before rushing to work

i have a post in my draft folder, for instance, I have been working on for the last couple of days about the tory toff who is standing for election as the new Mayor of London and his playing the islamophobic card (he is a jew, his main opponent is a muslim) and accusing his muslim rival’s party of being anti semitic, in a cynical ploy to capture the votes of the sizeable jewish community in London

but, fuck it, the man’s an arsehole – forget my carefully crafted post, judge for yourself . . .

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July 10, 2014

Mexican Mayor into Bestiality

by duncanr

croc in love150the mayor of a Mexican fishing village has married a crocodile

apparently, he thinks she is a princess

yeah. I thought that about my 1st wife

I was wrong

I suspect the mayor is too

I have one piece of advice for him . . .

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October 13, 2013

Camel Toe Mo

by duncanr

Tsk,tsk – some naughty person(s) has(have) produced a rather childish rude video lampooning the Mayor of Basildon and she doesn’t like it

P.S. check the comments after this post to view the original offending video in its entirety

September 15, 2013

Wake the F*ck Up !

by duncanr

Jeez, and we thought Boris Johnson and the previous mayor of London, Ken Livingston, were oddballs – this guy who is hoping to be the next Mayor of Minneapolis would give them a run for their money, if this campaign video is anything to go by

P.S. – love one of the comments on Youtube “Don’t listen to this guy.. go to the strip clubs. support single moms!”

August 30, 2012

Serbian Mayor – “I am not a Plonker”

by duncanr

Igor Pavličić, who is seeking re-election as mayor of Novi Sad in Serbia insists he is not a plonker

rodney trotterHe was forced into issuing a denial after political opponents plastered posters all over town of actor Nicholas Lyndhurst, who plays the part of Del Boy’s younger brother, Rodney Trotter, in the BBC hit comedy series “Only Fools and Horses”. The show is apparently very popular in the Balkans and opponents have pointed to both a certain physical resemblance between the mayor and Rodney, and to . . .

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July 8, 2012

Men and Tight Spaces

by duncanr

Because men are better at maneuvering into small, tight spaces, Gallus Strobel, mayor of Triberg (a small town in the Black Forest) has designated some of the more difficult to get into parking bays in the town’s municipal car parks specially for them. While the bays designed for woman are wider than average, those allocated specifically for men are narrower and with inconveniently located concrete pillars making the approach more difficult

(see –

The mayor’s move has

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June 30, 2012

Olympic Torch Greeted by Giant Penis

by duncanr

Cllr Makinson-Sanders is Mayor of Lough

Some folk think she’s a bit of a twat

Or more accurately – a big prick

This, over her decision to dress up as a sausage when the 2012 Olympic torch bearer passed through the town

Her aim was to publicise the campaign to get the EU to grant ‘protected status’ to the Lincolnshire sausage.

Many people watching, however, thought her costume looked not so much like a sausage – more like a giant penis

More here –

June 2, 2012

F*cking Mayor F*cking Fed Up

by duncanr

The Mayor of F*cking in Austria is not f*cking amused.

Fucking tourists keep nicking the f*cking F*cking Town signs and making f*cking prank phone calls to F*cking residents and businesses

It’s gone beyond a f*cking joke now and he’s f*cking had enough. He wants to change the f*cking name of the village from F*cking to f*cking something else.

All he has to do now is get the f*cking F*cking residents to agree

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