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November 30, 2019

What Words Really Mean

by duncanr

back in September, – posted new definitions for some words – here are alternative meanings for more words and phrases . . .



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September 22, 2018


by duncanr


April 22, 2013

Speaking with Forked Tongue

by duncanr

English is a tricky language for foreigners to get a grip on.

Just when they think they’ve mastered it, we change the meaning of words, e.g., ‘wicked’ = bad/evil to ‘wicked’ = good/brilliant to keep foreigners off-balance

Or we Brits cunningly use words that, on the surface, mean one thing to strangers or visitors to these shores but something very different to us 😆

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February 9, 2013

Don’t Buy Yellow Roses

by duncanr

yellow roseA word to the wise guys

It’s valentine’s Day on the 14th and your woman will be expecting (at the very least) some flowers. Roses are the traditional flower associated with this occasion but be careful about the colour!

According to the Victorian ‘language of flowers’ (the Floral Code) a deep red rose signifies “bashful shame” – which is not perhaps the message you want to convey to the lady, but it is at least better than giving her a peachy coloured rose, which means “sympathy”

Of course chances are your woman won’t know the Floral Code but in case she does, FFS don’t give her a bluidy yellow rose – the friggin thing says you just want to be friends 🙄

To find out more about what you should and what you shouldn’t give your woman on Valentine’s Day, check out

November 3, 2012

Kit-Kat Shuffle – UK Slang

by duncanr

girl masturbatingWhen I was at Uni (a good many years ago), an American girl over in the UK to study achieved instant notoriety during Fresher’s week when she advertised on the student Notice Board that she was looking for a ride at the weekend. What she wanted was to hitch a lift with anyone driving to Edinburgh. What she was asking for was a shag/screw/fuck – that being UK slang meaning of the word ‘ride’

Other UK slang words waiting to . . .

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