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October 23, 2012

Night Owl Wanted to Watch Woman

by duncanr

owl costumeA woman in Melbourne, Australia is willing to pay £25 an hour for someone to sit and watch over her while she sleeps.

She would prefer if the person wore an owl costume – Why ?

I have always found great comfort in the idea that owls are the natural lookouts of our world and so it would really help“, she said

If you don’t want to wear the owl costume but are willing to stick a couple of feathers to . . .

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March 15, 2012

Base Jumping With Style

by duncanr

Four ‘base jumpers’ dressed in business suits ordered drinks from the bar at the Vue de Monde restaurant on Level 55 of the 63 storey Rialto Towers in Melbourne

They left – without paying for the drinks – by leaping off the building.

A waiting getaway car then whisked them away from the scene

June 11, 2011

Aussie Women Target Gay Men

by duncanr

A gay bar in Melbourne, Australia, has won the legal right to ban women from it’s premises – seems some Aussie women, have been turning their attention to gay men – convinced they can ‘turn’ them ‘straight’

[Who would have thought Aussie women could be so desperate for a man, eh Susi ? 😆 ]

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March 29, 2010

Lewis Hamilton is a dickhead – OFFICIAL.

by NobblySan

Is he talking about me?

I just love the no nonsense Aussie attitude to things that the rest of the world take too damn seriously..

There is absolutely zero chance , here in the stuffy UK, of the government introducing a ‘Don’t be a dickhead‘ campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of crap driving. Even lower down the list of likely happenings is a government minister referring one of the world’s leading sportsmen as a dickhead, live on radio.

Check out the audio clip here.

The BBC’s ‘Question time’ could boost its ratings hugely if the panel were encouraged to use a few choice insults now and again, rather than being so prim and proper.