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July 17, 2017

Menstruation: a Period Drama

by duncanr

produced for Menstrual Hygiene Day back in May, this video features a mum pranking her son after overhearing a conversation between him and his friends speculating what a pad is for . . .

p.s. who knew pads had so many uses?

more about video here –

October 22, 2015

Why Do Women have Periods ?

by duncanr

so now you know !

October 15, 2015

Drippety Drop, Drippety Drop

by duncanr

if you hadn’t already guessed from the dancing tampons and the blood splattered about, this vid is intended to teach Swedish kids about menstruation and includes such memorable lines as . . .

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November 29, 2013

Something to Read – Men and Menstruation

by duncanr

My recommended blog for you to read this weekend is –

Have no fear, marvellous and trusting Listener: I am not going to go all feminist on you, or start flinging tampons around or smearing menstrual blood up the side of public buildings. I am merely going to make some keen observations on the age-old topic that never ceases to amuse and perplex me: the curious relationship between men and the monthlies.


Read the rest of Becky’s post here –

and after your done reading that, read her posts on giving up booze for a month (, and her post on BT’s abysmal customer service (

November 19, 2012

Menstruation : Women, Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

by duncanr

angry womanIn 1946, Disney released a video that did a pretty fair job of explaining the menstrual psycho

Towards the end it also offerred useful advice on how to cope when it’s that time of the month, e.g., don’t slouch, make an effort with your appearance, make sure you’re not full of shit (take a laxative), and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Advice as pertinent now as it was back then ? 😆

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