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January 18, 2019

DNA Discounts

by duncanr

more Americans than realize it have Mexican blood

To persuade more U.S. residents to visit Mexico, AeroMexico offers “DNA discounts” on the airline for Americans with Mexican heritage. Travelers are awarded percentage discounts equal to the percentage of their Mexican ancestry

January 15, 2019

Breaking News

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January 26, 2018

Trump’s Wall

by duncanr

June 8, 2017

Fox to Trump

by duncanr

Vicente Fox – former President of Mexico – has a message for Trump

April 13, 2017

Man Thrown Off Plane

by duncanr

the body of a man who witnesses report seeing thrown from a plane was found on the roof of a hospital in Mexico’s northern Sinaloa state –

while officials suspect the man to be the victim of rivalry between Mexico’s drug gangs they are keeping open the possibility this may be a simple case of ‘overbooking

March 12, 2017

Mexico’s Going to be Pissed!

by duncanr

September 19, 2016

He’s Not Heavy, He’s . . .

by duncanr

my Brother !

full story –

July 31, 2016

The Wanderer Returns

by duncanr

there’s got to be more to life than standing here knee-deep in rainwater being peed on by the neighbourhood dogs – anyway, enough about nobbly

a gnome who disappeared from a garden in Victoria, British Columbia has returned home after a 6 month absence with a story to tell . . .

April 23, 2015

Mexican Cops’ Cock Up

by duncanr

frightened womanexcuse me for stating the bleeding obvious . . . but

if a foreign police force claims that one of your citizens is the long-lost daughter of a woman resident in that foreign country, you might want to verify that claim BEFORE, and not AFTER, you send your cops to forcibly remove that 14 yr old girl – fearful, crying, and screaming – from her school and her family and deport her to that foreign country

might save the girl and her family a lot of heartache, and your police and judiciary from looking like a bunch of incompetent pricks – not to mention, a whole bunch of lawsuits for damages – when DNA tests show she is NOT related to the woman who claimed she was her daughter

full story here –

July 10, 2014

Mexican Mayor into Bestiality

by duncanr

croc in love150the mayor of a Mexican fishing village has married a crocodile

apparently, he thinks she is a princess

yeah. I thought that about my 1st wife

I was wrong

I suspect the mayor is too

I have one piece of advice for him . . .

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