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April 26, 2020

The most brilliant idea yet to come out of lockdown

by allthoughtswork

Bored? Make your community entertain you for free right outside your front window! The Jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks has you covered….


September 30, 2019

Best. Job. Ever.

by allthoughtswork

They say do what you love. Top this.

November 4, 2011

Michigan Republicans O.K. Religious Bullying

by duncanr

Matt Epling committed suicide in 2002 – a drastic measure to escape his suffering and torment at the hands of bullies

The Michigan Senate just passed a bill named after him – the “Matt’s Safe School Law” – intended to give schools additional tools to combat bullying’ and make vulnerable kids safer

A late insertion of a clause into the Bill by the Republican majority to protect “sincerely held” religious beliefs or moral convictions from being considered bullying”, however, has negated the whole point of the Bill. Instead, this Bill endangers children as it now allows bullies to torment their victims and escape punishment by claiming their actions were guided by sincere religious beliefs

[Hhmm, seems Republicans think (do Republicans think?) only atheists can be considered bullies in Michigan]

Minority Democrat Leader Gretchen Whitmer explains to republicans the consequence of what they have done

May 9, 2011

Cops Hunt Mad Hatters

by duncanr

[thanks June]

Police in Michigan are asking the public for any information that could lead to the capture and arrest of ‘The Mad Hatters’ 😯

No, not us – a different lot !

These Mad Hatters are a bunch of old women with silly hats on their heads that have been terrorising the neighbourhood – snatching purses and wallets from unsuspecting shoppers then using the stolen credit cards to obtain money and goods by deception.

The police estimate the . . .

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March 11, 2011

Michigan Kisses Democracy Goodbye

by duncanr

While media attention has been focussed on the popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrein, Yemen, and Libya, of people demanding greater control over their own lives and an end to autocratic rule by a few individuals, the Republicans in Michigan have moved in the opposite direction – stripping democratic governance from its citizens and imposing a dictatorship.

While Americans have been glued to their TV sets and computers watching the struggle for democracy abroad they appear to have been blind to what was happening in their midst

March 11, 2011

Michigan introduces Financial Martial Law

by duncanr

The Republican Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, has steered through a bill that allows him to dissolve the elected governments of Michigan’s towns and cities, and replacie them with his own nominees who will have the power to eliminate services, merge or eliminate school boards, and lay off or renegotiate unionized public employees without recourse. These ‘managers’ will not be accountable to the electorate but will answer only to the Governor, (and there will be no limit to the salary they may draw)

Hhmm, goodbye democracy in Michigan and hello to the patronage and graft (corruption) more normally seen in the likes of Iraq and Afghanistan

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