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October 12, 2015

Boris Talking Sense?

by duncanr

BORISbloody unbelievable – Boris and I actually agree on something !

Boris claims immigrants are often scapegoated – blamed for everything that has gone wrong in a society

Your kids can’t get a house? It’s the immigrants. Can’t get a job? It’s the immigrants. Can’t see a doctor in A&E? It’s the immigrants. Traffic on the M4? It’s the immigrants.” (

mind you, as one commenter on this report said – WTF? Boris making sense? Easy to look the sensible moderate when the alternatives are pushing to the right of Gengis Khan

August 29, 2015

They’re Fucken Refugees – not Migrants !

by duncanr

not waving but drowningthere was a time when folk who sought refuge when their homeland was wrought by war, and they feared for their personal safety, would be described as refugees

there was a time when folk who sought refuge in another country for fear their lives were in danger in their homeland because of their religious or political views would be described as asylum seekers

that is no longer the case

there are no refugees now

there are no asylum seekers

instead, there are just . . .

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August 25, 2015

Khushal’s Story

by duncanr

two-faced git

two-faced git

sanctimonious, two-faced UK Prime Minister, and others of his ilk, who insist the UK is a christian country and like to bang on about ‘British Values’ see no contradiction in espousing those views while simultaneously describing folk desperately seeking safety and sanctuary in the UK, and the opportunity for a better life, as a ‘swarm’ who ‘threaten’ our way of life

those camped just outside Calais, in an area nicknamed ‘the Jungle’ – another pejorative term that serves to dehumanise them – are a mixed bunch

some are . . .

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