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April 23, 2015

Mexican Cops’ Cock Up

by duncanr

frightened womanexcuse me for stating the bleeding obvious . . . but

if a foreign police force claims that one of your citizens is the long-lost daughter of a woman resident in that foreign country, you might want to verify that claim BEFORE, and not AFTER, you send your cops to forcibly remove that 14 yr old girl – fearful, crying, and screaming – from her school and her family and deport her to that foreign country

might save the girl and her family a lot of heartache, and your police and judiciary from looking like a bunch of incompetent pricks – not to mention, a whole bunch of lawsuits for damages – when DNA tests show she is NOT related to the woman who claimed she was her daughter

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November 8, 2010

Japanese Cops Cock Up

by duncanr

Today’s ‘Jackass Award’ goes to two Japanese cops who responded to a householder’s call about an intruder.

Arriving at the man’s apartment, they mistook the householder for the intruder and pinned both his arms to his sides so he was unable to defend himself when the intruder produced a knife and stabbed him, fatally, in the heart.

A police spokesperson said – “It’s very regrettable the victim was fatally stabbed after the police officers arrived at the scene,”

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