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November 4, 2019

The No Elk Left Behind program

by allthoughtswork

May 11, 2019

Grizzly Product Testers

by duncanr

June 12, 2012

Hitchhiker Shot in Montana

by duncanr

A West Virginia man, Ray Dolin, 39, was hitching across America, gathering material for a book, when he approached a pickup truck in Montana thinking the driver had stopped to offer him a lift.

In that he was mistaken, for the driver of the truck, Lloyd Christopher Danielson III, pulled out a gun and shot him.

The shooting appears to have been motiveless. The two men had never spoken or met before.

Danielson has been arrested

Dolin is recovering in hospital from a gunshot wound to his arm.

Looking on the bright side, he was only wounded and not killed, plus he’s got an interesting escapade now to include in that book he’s writing – though he might want to consider changing his original working title – The Kindness of America

Just saying !

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August 23, 2010

Pigs Fly

by duncanr

Pig ? Me? Naw !!!

There was disappointment for many at this year’s county fair in northern Montana. An absence of pigs meant the pig-wrestling event had to be cancelled.

During the year preceding the fair the pigs are allowed to run free in a 10 mile area bordering the Marias river, then about 30 of them are rounded up the day before the pig wrestling event. This time round though – despite an extensive search – only one pig could be found. Seems the rest of the buggers had ‘flown the coop’ so to speak.

The Fair organiser said next year they will try to capture the crafty porkers earlier in the week.

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Hhmm, I guess the Pig Roast was cancelled too ???

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