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August 12, 2019

I would so have lunch with Julia Sweeney

by allthoughtswork

It inexplicably cuts out at 16:40 to a commercial, so stop there.

February 3, 2014

Wounded on the Battlefield

by duncanr

Jesus Christ, the Mormon church has put out an anti-masturbation video advising people to shop their friends if they catch them masturbating – comparing that action to rescuing a soldier in battle

P.S. in a video warning of the evil of guys wanking, form your own opinion as to what message, if any, should we take from the final scenes of a couple of girls holding upright pool cues in their hands 😆

July 6, 2013

Unholy Row at Church

by duncanr

fightThere was little sign of ‘brotherly love’ at a Mormon Church in Utah last Sunday

The trouble started when the church was more crowded than usual because of an influx of visitors.

One of the regular members of the congregation parked his bum on a pew some newcomers were saving for other family members

Far from ‘loving their neighbour’, the folks saving the pew . . .

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July 16, 2012

Mormon Magic Underwear

by duncanr

Magical Mormon Underwear, anyone?

You too can have a pair of drawers like Tom Cruise

Just visit

Alternatively, you could wait.

Madhatters are planning our own line of reasonably priced magical underwear for both men and women manufactured by a team of highly skilled Cornish pixies.

We are still setting up our online store, but . . .

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