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January 3, 2019

3 in a Bed no Fun

by duncanr

in some circumstances, the idea of 3 in a bed would be quite a pleasing prospect – not so much, however, in this case !

December 22, 2017

Mums don’t always know best

by duncanr

‘alternative’ medicine can sometimes effect a cure when ‘conventional’ medical treatment can’t

in part, this may be attributable to a placebo effect – the patient’s belief that the treatment will effect a cure results in a positive outcome

in other cases, the cure may be the result not of a placebo effect but because the alternative medical approach has triggered real physical/bio-chemical changes in the patient’s body that help to effect a cure

that said, you wouldn’t want this woman for your mother if you were suffering from constipation – just saying !

August 5, 2017

How to be a Man

by duncanr

a few months back, I posted a poem on Madhatters by Simar Singh on the subject of ‘marital rape‘ – see here

in this poem, he addresses societal expectations of what is considered appropriate behaviour for a man . . .

May 8, 2017

Penis Privilege, Marital Rape, and a Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender

by duncanr

based in Mumbai, UnErase Poetry is a newly-formed community that promotes and produces spoken poetry in Hindi and English

the Legal Rapist . . .

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January 5, 2017

Community Policing Mumbai Style

by duncanr

flower-powerusually, when cops arrive at one’s doorstep unannounced, it’s a cause for alarm, but not for octogenarian Mumbai resident Lalita Subramanyam – for the cops, armed with cake and flowers, were there to mark her 83rd birthday

Mumbai police have a . . .

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November 16, 2016

A Policeman’s Lot is Not an ‘Appy One

by duncanr

after a particularly shitty day – – these Mumbai cops would certainly agree with Gilbert & Sullivan !


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September 28, 2014

Mars Dabbawallahs

by duncanr

mars takeaway service280great news for those who have signed up to settle on Mars – India, on its first attempt, has successfully put a satellite in orbit around the Red Planet

it is only a matter of time now before . . .

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September 1, 2014

Man Divorces Sex-Starved Wife

by duncanr

not now - I've got a headache

not now – I’ve got a headache

a Mumbai court has granted a man a divorce because of his wife’s unreasonable demands for sex –

[poor sod, I know exactly how he feels. My wife was just the same. Always demanding sex – even though it wasn’t Christmas or her birthday]

P.S. don’t feel too sorry for the wife. According to the husband, she has ‘an insatiable appetite for sex‘ and ‘used to force him into having unnatural sex‘. And on top of all that, she used to . . .

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August 7, 2014

Man Dumps Wife with Cancer

by duncanr

indian wedding1‘in sickness and in health . . .till death do us part’

these words form part of the vows couples in the UK make when agreeing to marry one another

I don’t know if the man and woman at a desi wedding make similar vows, but if they do, then I know of one man who doesn’t view that promise as binding !

October 10, 2013

Locked Fridge grounds for Divorce

by duncanr

chained fridgeA Mumbai doctor has been granted a divorce because of his wife’s unreasonable behaviour.

According to the husband – (the wife did not appear in court to refute his allegations) – she had refused, since 2004, to have sex with him.

Now while that denial might be regarded as regrettable (from the husband’s point of view), the wife might have had just cause to deny him any ‘jollies’  – perhaps he was a crap dancer? (

What undoubtedly caused the court to rule in the husband’s favour, however, was the wife’s practice of locking the fridge door

To deny a man access to his fridge and the ‘food’ stored within – –  the court no doubt felt to be not just ‘unreasonable’ but cruel and vindictive behaviour, a form of mental cruelty that some might call ‘domestic abuse’

P.S. real story here 


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