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November 2, 2017


by duncanr

found in western and central europe, but most commonly in Ireland and Scotland, sheela-na-gigs – stone carvings of immodest naked women, legs spread wide to expose their crotch – are a puzzle in terms of their placement and purpose

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January 12, 2016

Golden Shower Arrest

by duncanr

golden showercops arrested a naked woman after she pissed on them –

hhmmm, some guys pay a lot of money for a woman to do that – (so ratty tells me) 😆

October 11, 2013

Search for Shanghai Streaker

by duncanr

CEN_Naked_03.jpgPolice in Shanghai (they’re not the only ones) are anxious to get their hands on a young woman who has been exposing herself in downtown Shanghai then posting photos online

They have appealed to the public for help in finding this shameless hussy, but the public (the males, at least), if they know her identity, are keeping it to themselves

Full story, and more pics here-

In related news, shopkeepers in downtowm Shanghai report an upsurge in business in recent weeks 😆

August 11, 2013

Brummie Life – No 6

by duncanr

shopping trolley120I have a choice of supermarkets for my weekly shop but have given my custom exclusively to just one for the past 5 or 6 years.

It is conveniently close, and open 24 hours a day

But I favour it primarily because of the wonderful variety of asian food on offer, and the woman on the checkout who scans my goods and offers cooking tips and suggestions for accompanying dishes

I fear though that the time has come when I must abandon TESCO for its rival ASDA

For though Tesco supplies almost all my daily needs, it lacks one thing that Asda has . . .

Naked women !

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June 11, 2013

Naked Woman goes Missing in Woods

by duncanr

Maureen KellyMaureen Kelly, a 19 yr old woman from Vancouver is missing in the woods of Washington State.

She left the Canyon Creek Campground, alone, around 5pm on Sunday to go on a ‘spiritual journey’

Rescue services and volunteers are combing the area to try and find her

Other campers, and members of the public too, have been asked to keep an eye out for her

She’ll be easy to spot – there can’t be many young attractive women wandering through the woods completely naked, wearing nothing but a ‘fanny pack’ (‘bum bag’ to UK readers)

What’s that song again?

if you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise

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April 25, 2013

Naked Woman Invades House

by duncanr

Bathing_4First the good news . . . Man hears strange noise. Get’s out of bed to investigate. Finds naked woman sitting in his bathtub. She’s a hottie. Can’t believe his luck. Asks for her phone number

Now the Bad News . . . He’s married. Wife calls the cops. Husband takes cold shower

Ok. maybe it didn’t quite happen like that 😆

If you want the true story, click here –

October 30, 2011

Dead Horse + Naked Woman – WTF ?

by duncanr

There’s some queer folk about !!!

April 7, 2011

Naked Woman Admonished

by duncanr

A woman who walked into an Aberdeen shop naked, apart from one sock, was drunk at the time and did so as part of a dare

Source –

The Sheriff Court heard that she caused fear and alarm’ amongst those who witnessesd the event – [oddly enough, naked women have that effect on me, too] 😳

January 27, 2011

Looking a Gift Horse . . .

by duncanr

A Canadian man awoke during the night to find a strange woman in bed with him.

The woman was drunk. She apparently had the apartment on the floor above the man’s but in her inebriated state she entered his by mistake, undressed and got into bed.

The man called the police to remove her.

Source . . .

[Jeez, some folk have all the luck !!!]

September 9, 2009

Nearly Naked Woman

by duncanr