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November 7, 2015

Noodles Pulled from Sea

by duncanr

anyone not seen this video yet ?

a labrador pup called ‘Noodle’ slipped its lead and fell overboard while travelling with its new owner on the ferry between Naples and the island of Ischia

despite Mario Di Meglio pleas, the ferry crew refused to stop, claiming the dog had probably already drowned

hours later, however, members of a local sailing club spotted Noodle swimming in the water and were able to rescue the pup and later re-unite him with Mario

full story here –

February 7, 2013

Italian Motorist in Tight Spot

by duncanr

Tempers frayed as a hapless motorist attempted a 103-point turn in a narrow Naples street, blocking other motorists, a bunch of bikers, and a religious procession from getting pasta

A crowd of onlookers soon gathered to give the driver a pizza advice