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September 12, 2017

No Ticket to Ride

by duncanr

a hitch-hiking pigeon and a drunk passenger land an indian bus conductor in deep poo –

December 13, 2011

Kerfuffle on Edinburgh – Perth Train

by duncanr

A young lad travelling on the Edinburgh to Perth train without a “valid” ticket or money to pay for one is asked repeatedly by the conductor to leave the rain. He refuses. After a long stand off, with the train not moving, a disgruntled passenger decides to intervene and throws the kid off the train – to the applause of fellow passengers.

This vid has gone viral since being uploaded to YouTube – most reaction being supportive of the ‘big man’s action. Personally, though, I would have thought the lad had reasonable grounds to bring an action against the ‘big man’ for assault !!!

UPDATEwonder if the family of the guy thrown off the train read Madhatters ?